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Mayor Kim sees “bright future” in 2022 State of the City message.

“As we emerge out of a two-year pandemic, a deep recession and local challenges around race relations and civil rights, Saratoga Springs has emerged a stronger, more resilient and benevolent community and its future is bright as long as we continue to build our community through honest dialogue, hard work and true reform.” Those words highlighted the first State of the City address by Mayor Ron Kim, delivered in the Music Hall at City Hall on Saturday, March 19, 2022. Mayor Kim was introduced by Rep. Paul Tonko, who himself was introduced by Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner.

“Saratoga Springs is blessed to have an effective, conscientious, hardworking group of public employees,” Kim said of the City Council members and their deputies. “Their resourcefulness, ingenuity, and perseverance are remarkable.” Much of the address was devoted to the accomplishments of Public Works Commissioner Skip Scirocco, Finance Commissioner Minita Sanghvi, Public Safety Commissioner James Montagnino and Commissioner of Accounts Dillon Moran since their terms of office began on January 1. The mayor also recognized the contribution of our two Supervisors, Matthew Vietch and Tara Gaston.

The State of the City address is usually delivered in February, but was delayed until a time when citizens could attend in person. The complete text is here.