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Candidate Moran accuses opponent of forgery.

 In a press conference on September 14, Row A candidate for Accounts Commissioner Dillon Moran presented examples of election petitions submitted by his opponent, Samantha Guerra, in which signatures do not match what is on Board of Election records. “These are blocked lettered, handwritten, not signatures," Moran said according to the Times-Union. "They appear to be written by the same exact person. We secured the problematic signatures (on file) from the Board of Elections. … We can see clearly these are not the same signatures.”

Meet your Row A Candidates!

Row A is the Democratic line at the top of your ballot when you go to the polls this fall. This page introduces our candidates and what they stand for. Click through to their websites to find out more, and check back for updates as we get closer to election time.

You can also download our handy reference card with information on the candidates and key voting deadlines. Want a hard copy of the reference card? Ask your SSDC district representative.


Election season is here!

The action is heating up as we get ready to support our Row A candidates on November 2. Here are some ways you can help: First, put a sign (or several) in your lawn, especially if you're on a busy street. Show your support and let your neighbors know you care about electing candidates who are committed to supporting your values and our community. Second, host a house party...

Candidates and citizens say “no hate in upstate”.

About 50 people, including current and past political candidates, rallied in Congress Park on Wednesday to speak out for tolerance and against racism and fascist insurrection. The rally was in response to the Stefanik/Saratoga GOP event (see post below) featuring anti-Muslim activist and Jan. 6 insurrectionist Scott Presler, which was called off at the last minute after widespread public outcry.…