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Ron Kim announces for Saratoga Springs Mayor.

Kim, who has been endorsed by the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee, chose the 9/11 Memorial in High Rock Park as a symbol of how Saratogians have always united as a community in times of crisis. He said his top priorities are building an Eastside public safety station; reimagining our police so there is accountability and transparency while creating new bonds among all of our first responders and all the citizens of our city; assisting businesses to reopen safely and remain viable when faced with unprecedented events; and harness Federal and State support to develop green policies that create a carbon neutral Saratoga Springs by 2030.

“Just like in 2001,” Kim stated in his announcement, “I want to help this community come together. I will do it as your next Mayor, as the People’s Mayor working for all of us. My office door will be open—it is time for an accessible and responsive city government. I will work with my colleagues on the city council to make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to transparency and cooperation. The time for infighting, for sniping, for disregarding the will and the needs of Saratogians is over. I know this may sound Pollyanna—but it’s time for a kinder City government.”