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Leadership Profile: County Supervisor Tara N. Gaston

Now serving her second term, Tara Gaston is currently the only young, progressive woman on the County Board of Supervisors.
In the past two years she’s fought for workers rights, small businesses, an end chronic homelessness, action on climate change, and transparent and accessible government. Tara wants to change policy for meetings to an open public comment period, and wants to require publishing agendas well in advance so you can plan accordingly.
Through her hard work she secured the first ever County Pride Day proclamation, and nominated representatives to fill a Saratoga seat on the CDTA board that Republicans had left empty for almost a decade.
She’s continued to be focused transparency in government. Did you know that if you want to speak at a County Board meeting you have to register 24 hours in advance, but most agendas aren’t published until a few hours before the meeting?
She’s working to build a more resilient county that plans for and mitigates Climate Change.
She’s fighting to get you transit access to public health services that Republicans have moved to an inaccessible location, and for a Housing First model to end chronic homelessness.
She’s identifying and encouraging the elimination of wasteful spending at the County including redundancy in economic development, and working to develop new economic opportunities through better use of IT, legalization of adult-use marijuana, and supporting back-up water capabilities through County and City partnerships.
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