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Tara N. Gaston: Supervisor

Transparency and accountability in government, including through improvements in technology, continue to be some of Tara N. Gaston’s top priorities in representing Saratoga Springs on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors the incumbent told the Foothills Business Daily in a recent interview. While she has been working on these issues since first being elected, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a tangible sign to other Supervisors who have now joined her efforts.
In her next term, Tara is focused on improving the public’s knowledge of Saratoga County government and how it impacts their lives, starting with making county code, laws, and regulations more accessible to residents. Although the county prides itself on low taxes and a business-friendly environment, when rules and regulations are difficult to navigate it puts that reputation at risk.
Additionally, Tara is driven to move Saratoga County government’s focus back to people, rather than businesses. Public health services that were pulled out of Saratoga Springs, and off public transportation, should be reimagined with mobile clinics and different hours. Similarly, social and mental health services should be scheduled in a more constituent-friendly manner that most benefits those that most need the services. Any discussion of public safety should also include these services as first responders in many of the crises currently handled by law enforcement.
It’s important to note that Tara’s plans do not require any additional cost to County taxpayers but can instead be accomplished by efficient use of current streams of funding, as well as adjustments to current revenue such as increasing occupancy tax rates and bringing short-term rentals into the occupancy tax structure.
If her first two terms, Tara fought relentlessly for the rights of workers, small business owners, renters, unhoused individuals, and families. She has also brought more light onto the issues of climate chaos and the need for increased technology to support a truly transparent, accessible, and responsible government – the government all Saratogians deserve.
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