Support “North Country Insider” Tedra Cobb for Congress in NYS-21

NYS-21 is a huge district that extends south into Saratoga County, north to the Canadian border and west to Lake Ontario. Democratic candidate Tedra Cobb is in a spirited, winnable battle against the Trump-supporting incumbent. She dubs herself a “Washington Outsider/North Country Insider” and has deep roots in the district where she has built her life and raised her family over a 30-year career.

She’s been a local legislator, a volunteer firefighter, a health care advocate and a business owner. She made her decision to run for Congress the day the district’s current elected representative refused to reach across the aisle and turned her back on the people who elected her by voting for the highly partisan American Healthcare Act. If that law had passed in the Senate, the people of New York’s 21st congressional district would have been economically devastated. Thousands of healthcare workers would have lost their jobs, many of the region’s hospitals could have closed and 64,000 people would have lost their health insurance.

In Tedra’s words: “I’m running to protect our civil society and our democracy. I will defend the government agencies and public institutions NY-21 depends on to protect our jobs, health, education and environment that are under constant threat of being defunded and dismantled. Our Government is not working for us. I believe that with my experience, character and progressive values, and with your support, we can beat Elise Stefanik.”

NYS-21 is outside the geographical region of our Saratoga Springs endorsed candidates, but with her personal integrity and progressive agenda Tedra Cobb has a solid place in our hearts. Find out more about her campaign at