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State Conservative Party chief: Acting Saratoga County chairman to stay. 

The state Conservative Party has no plans to ask the acting chair of its Saratoga County chapter to step aside after he came under fire for reiterating racial epithets used in a 2020 video at a Saratoga Springs City Council meeting on March 19 Instead, state Conservative Party spokesman William F. B. O’Reilly called the remarks by Saratoga Springs GOP Chairman Michael Brandi in response to David Buchyn’s comments a political ploy. “This has nothing to do with Chairman [David] Buchyn’s words, for which he apologized, and everything to do with a local Republican leader trying to topple a Conservative Party leader,” O’Reilly said in an emailed statement Friday. “It’s politics at its worst. Time to move on.” From the Daily Gazette, full article here. Our take on the original incident is here.