SSDC Honors Past Chairman Charley Brown

At the SSDC annual holiday party, members honored recently retired Chairman, Charley Brown.  The SSDC issued the following proclamation:

December 10, 2017

We choose this Holiday Party celebration to honor the best gift an organization could ever hope to be given – a great leader. Our City’s Democratic Committee stands strong and successful today, largely through the wise leadership of Charley Brown.

Six years ago, Charley took the Chair of a Committee that had much potential to grow its numbers and increase its effectiveness. With help and support from then-members, Charley undertook the challenge. He kept constant look-out to recruit and mentor potential new members; he fostered development of the Ramp-Up program to orient and train new people; he consulted and listened to all; and he helped the group move beyond painful issues lingering from things in the Committee’s past.

Today, the Committee functions at full power, all seats occupied and willing volunteers stepping forward to fill any vacancies. A system of standing Subcommittees and Ad Hoc groups take their charges seriously and get the job done. The resulting Democratic electoral victories speak for themselves.

This does not happen to an organization by chance. The health of this Committee today is a testament to Charley’s political skill and the tireless, selfless work he has done to bring this outcome about. Among the many gifts he shares with us –

  • Wisdom
  • Generosity
  • Toughness

Charley came to this job with significant progressive credentials, a history of activism and a consistently principled outlook that is so rare to find in our fellow beings. He executed his Chair-ship, sometimes with reckless disregard for his own wellbeing, out of love and conviction for the mission we pursue. At no time has the Nation needed such talent more – and Charley leaves the Chair, having given our City a body well equipped and dedicated to protect our Democracy.

With grateful thanks and every best wish for the future –

The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee