SSDC announces 2019 endorsements

The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee announced the outcome of its meeting on February 23 to endorse candidates for City office. The SSDC endorsed all four Democratic incumbents running for re-election: Meg Kelly, Mayor; Michele Madigan, Finance Commissioner; John Franck, Commissioner of Accounts; and Tara Gaston, County Supervisor.

“We are fortunate to have such excellent people who want to continue serving this City,” said SSDC Chair Courtney DeLeonardis. “Our current Democratic office-holders have demonstrated a record of teamwork and accomplishment that we all can be proud of.”

The SSDC also voted to endorse one of its members, Dillon Moran, for Commissioner of Public Works. “Dillon’s engineering education, business background and close study of the City’s infrastructure and operations all form a solid basis for our support,” DeLeonardis said.

“Starting next week,” DeLeonardis said, “Democrats in Saratoga Springs will see our Committee members coming to their doors, collecting signatures on petitions to secure our candidates a spot on the ballot. Recent changes in New York’s election law mean that petitioning starts about three months earlier than it has in the past.”

For Public Safety Commissioner, where the Democratic incumbent is not seeking re-election, the Committee decided not to endorse at this time. “We heard from two strong, well-qualified candidates – Eileen Finneran and Kendall Hicks — who each impressed Committee members,” DeLeonardis said. “Both individuals have a lot to offer the City. I believe Committee members, along with other supporters, will help both candidates qualify for the primary election in June, when voters will decide who runs for Public Safety Commissioner on the Democratic line in the fall.”