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Shaun Wiggins for Supervisor

Shaun and his family have lived in Saratoga Springs since 2012, and chose to live here because of the sense of community our city has. Shaun acknowleges that as our city has become the second fastest growing city in NY, …”it’s time for us to come together and focus on Health, Safety and Growth for all across Saratoga Springs. In order for this to happen, it takes everyone…It Takes a Community. And I hope to be a catalyst.”

Shaun’s work experience is exceptional, covering government, industry, nonprofit, and academia sectors. His work has taken him to more than 20 countries, affording him the opportunity to work with various cross-sectitons of people. Shaun understands that population growth includes people who are different, an that it’s important for us to understand that in addition to the issues that accompany any growth, there are also many opportunities. For the long-term success and harmony of our city, not only must we accept this growth, but we must also embrace it.

Shaun wants to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives as catalyst to move our city forward by bringing the “service” back to “public service”. He “see(s) the opportunities as well as the issues and (is) prepared to step in and step up for you. I want to serve as your County Supervisor so that I can magnify the opportunities and mitigate the issues.” 

To learn more about Shaun and donate to his candidacy, please visit his website: