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Saratoga dems retain Montagnino endorsement, issue letter of concern.

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – At its July 15 meeting, the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee considered but rejected a motion to rescind its endorsement of Public Safety Commissioner James Montagnino for re-election, and voted instead to issue a letter of concern over actions that have “caused unnecessary ill will.”

            “These are real concerns,” said Otis Maxwell, SSDC Chair, “and we hope the Commissioner takes them to heart. We had a frank discussion and listened to the serious issues our members had raised, then we took a vote. The result is an example of democracy at work, and I think our committee is stronger and more united after going through this debate.”

            Following is the text of the letter of concern which was sent to the Commissioner via email to his official and personal accounts:

To Commissioner of Public Safety James Montagnino:

Whereas we recognize that your office is demanding and that you have had significant accomplishments, you have also taken actions that make it difficult to support you when speaking with our constituents and asking for their vote for reelection.

Specifically, the aggressive way you have handled confrontations with members of Black Lives Matter in Saratoga Springs and with other members of the City Council has caused unnecessary ill will, and run counter to the stated mission of the SSDC, “To promote the principles of the Democratic Party in the open and inclusive governance of Saratoga Springs for the maintenance and continued improvement of the well being and quality of life for all city residents.”

 Please consider this letter an expression of our deep concern regarding these actions and a request to moderate your words and deeds in the future for the benefit of the citizens of Saratoga Springs and the members of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee who are working to re-elect our incumbents.

Respectfully submitted as a motion approved by a majority vote of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee,

 Otis Maxwell