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Saratoga County won’t enforce new mask requirement.

Saratoga County’s Supervisor Theodore Kusnierz Jr. said in a statement that neither the county Public Health Department nor law enforcement would impose the state’s “misguided and unrealistic mask mandate, which passes the buck to counties to enforce what the Governor herself said just over a week ago is ‘almost impossible’ to enforce,” according to the Daily Gazette. “There is a difference between public health and the leadership of the county,” responded Saratoga Springs Supervisor Tara Gaston. “What the chairman (Todd Kusnierz) sent out was essentially a ‘FU’ to the governor and those in state leadership who are trying to keep people safe. The language was inflammatory, wrong-sided and inaccurate.” Meanwhile, a spot check after the mandate went into effect Monday showed virtually all Saratoga Springs businesses displayed “mask required” signage at their entrances, and the vast majority of customers were in compliance.