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RISE draws Saratoga Springs garage-dwellers into less crowded, low-barrier shelter.

Open 365 days, 24 hours a day, the low-barrier shelter has amenities that Code Blue couldn’t fit because of its tightly packed rows of 61 cots. With the help of Bonacio Construction, the space now includes a laundry, a congregate area with a television and comfy couches, a new hot water system so everyone can get a warm shower, a larger dining area, lockers, air conditioning, cordoned-off bedding areas, a counseling office for staff and a fenced-in yard with picnic tables and a basketball court. It’s also newly painted in RISE’s sky blue. Meanwhile, Executive Director Duane Vaughn announced that Code Blue has found its 2023-2024 winter location at  Union Motel at 120 Broadway, just steps away from the RISE shelter. From the Times-Union.