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Post election wrap-up and thank you to candidates, volunteers and voters.

The official election results are finally in. Dems had an overall 61% turnout in Saratoga Springs which is quite incredible for an off-year election. What’s more, every single one of our candidates won in the Saratoga Springs popular vote—including all 3 Supreme Court candidates, Michelle Ostrelich for State Senate and Michael Phillips for Attorney General. We only wish we had had the same level of enthusiasm in Saratoga County overall… but now is the time to start building momentum for the next time around.

Get involved—as a dems committee member! We have several openings on the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee for people who want to make a difference while working (and having fun) with like-minded friends. Email if you’re a Saratoga Springs resident and would like to know more. In Saratoga County, several towns have openings for additional members or even a completely new local committee. Email, our county chair, and let her know the town or city in which you reside. Finally, SSDC educates, trains and funds local candidates for office and that takes money.  Your financial support is greatly appreciated at any time. Click here to donate through our ActBlue link.  And thanks to all who worked so hard on this election—as candidates, as volunteers, or as committed Democratic voters.