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Police open investigation into Saratoga petitions.

 City police have opened an investigation into alleged forged signatures on independent nominating petitions witnessed by City Council candidate Samantha Guerra, according to the Times-Union. Saratoga Springs police spokesman Robert Jillson, as well as State Police, acting as the assisting agency, said they couldn’t discuss the investigation or if it involved anyone other than Guerra, who is running for commissioner of accounts. The petition signatures in question, which were for all seven Republican candidates, were meant to secure a third line (Saratoga United) on November’s ballot.

In a press release, SSDC Chair Pat Tuz noted that “all six other Republican candidates were notified of the situation. We have yet to hear from any of them whether they were aware of this fraud or even support it. Forging signatures of registered voters is a felony.

“The voters of Saratoga Springs have a right to know how each of the seven republican candidates who are listed on the invalid and illegal petitions feel about fraud being committed using their names. We call on each of them to come forward with a response… Forging signatures is not only offensive to the individuals whose privacy has been stolen but it’s an illegal act. The candidates forging signatures or even suspecting that it’s happening and did not step forward, we’re complicit and do not deserve to be elected.”
It’s especially ironic because election integrity and operations falls under the purview of the Commissioner of Accounts.
“What kind of election system do we have if the endorsed Republican candidates can’t follow the laws? Ms. Guerra must resign her candidacy and the others must immediately step forward and answer for it. The lack of experience, integrity, and judgement of these seven local Republicans is highly concerning,” Tuz states.