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Excited about the election results? Then get involved with Saratoga Dems!

Congratulations to our Row A candidates Ron Kim for Mayor, Tara N. Gaston for Supervisor, Jim Montagnino for Public Safety, Dillon Moran for Accounts and Minita Sanghvi for Finance! All won their races according to unofficial results from the Saratoga County Board of Elections. And thank you to first time candidates Shaun Wiggins for Supervisor and Domenique Yermolayev for Public Works; each of you ran a strong race. If you are as excited about the election results as we are, why not get involved with the Saratoga Dems?

Results from our survey of Saratoga Springs voters.

The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee recently conducted a survey of active voters in which we asked  what was most important to them personally in the upcoming election. The #1 issue among respondents was public safety, defined as “safe neighborhoods and police accountability”. People weren’t telling us they simply wanted more aggressive policing but that they wanted to feel safe in their homes and communities, and that they felt the Saratoga Springs Police Department should be held accountable for its actions.