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Kristen Dart named Chair of CRB. 

According to Mayor Ron Kim in announcing the appointment, which was approved unanimously at the December 20 City Council meeting, “Kristen Dart is a political and governmental professional who currently serves as vice chair for political affairs at Planned Parenthood Empire State Act… her extensive background in community organizing and public policy will inform her role…

We’re looking for a few good Dems!

Are you energized by the 2022 election? Want to make a real difference volunteering in your community? Then find out how to serve as a district representative in the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee or in your community in Saratoga County. You’ll support our candidates, help set policy, and do your part to support our wonderful city in the country.

Post election wrap-up and thank you to candidates, volunteers and voters.

The official election results are finally in. Dems had an overall 61% turnout in Saratoga Springs which is quite incredible for an off-year election. What’s more, every single one of our candidates won in the Saratoga Springs popular vote—including all 3 Supreme Court candidates, Michelle Ostrelich for State Senate and Michael Phillips for Attorney General. We only wish we had had the same level of enthusiasm in Saratoga County overall… but now is the time to start building momentum for the next time around.