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Montagnino will release draft report on Darryl Mount death.

 Public Safety Commissioner-Elect James Montagnino said he intends to release a draft report about the 2014 death of Darryl Mount Jr. by the time he is inaugurated in January, according to the Daily Gazette. Mount, a 21-year-old biracial man, died after a nine-month coma that followed a police chase that ended in a construction zone.

Police said they chased Mount after witnessing him slam a woman’s head into a brick wall in downtown Saratoga Springs. They said he was injured in a fall from scaffolding. Mount’s family, which has pursued civil litigation against the city, and community activists dispute the police’s version, alleging authorities beat him to his death. Montagnino said his report concerning the case will be based upon the voluminous material, some 2,000 pages, that’s already in the public domain.