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Minita Sanghvi: Finance Commissioner

Minita brings a wealth of finance and business expertise to her candidacy; she’s earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, an MBA, and a PhD, and is a tenured Business professor at Skidmore. She also has many years of practical experience with industry giants such as WalMart. Minita is also all about public service, as she currently serves on the Saratoga Springs Library Board as the Finance Officer.

Minita comes from a family background of entrepeneurs, so she totally understands and supports our city’s small businesses. She wants to implement new creative ideas to increase the vibrancy of our downtown and create more tourism opportunities.

Minita is ready and able to provide leadership in guiding Saratoga Springs into the future financially securely, safely, and inclusively. She supports initiatives such as promoting women and minority-owned businesses, building the eastside EMS/Fire station, and initiating a citywide Climate Action and Resiliency Plan which would create long term savings by preparing for inevitable changes and identifying opportunities for smart and responsible economic growth.

New ideas. New vision. Backed by experience.  Minita is ready to work for Saratoga Springs!

To learn more about Minita and donate to her candidacy, please visit her website: