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Michele Madigan Announces Key Priorities for Saratoga County Treasurer.

Michele Madigan for Saratoga County TreasurerMichele Madigan, the Democratic candidate for Saratoga County
Treasurer, announced her platform and priorities for the office of Treasurer in a July 1 press release. Madigan emphasized the need for a fresh perspective and a track record of proven financial acumen -mcrucial in managing a Saratoga County budget of over $400,000,000.

Madigan’s priorities are as follows:
● To bring long needed transparency to Saratoga County finances and how resident tax dollars are being managed. After decades long control by the Republican Party, it is time for a new set of eyes and breadth of knowledge in managing the office of Treasurer.
● Advocate for smart county investments that will result in cost savings for taxpayers, including options for refinancing county debt, as Madigan did for the City of Saratoga Springs, saving taxpayers over 6 million dollars.
●To make significant investments for important programs and services, to benefit
all residents of Saratoga County.
● Madigan is committed to representing all constituents, regardless of party affiliation,
working in the true spirit of public service.

Madigan stated, “I proudly served as the Commissioner of Finance for the City of Saratoga
Springs for 10 years and am currently serving as Saratoga County Supervisor. As the former
Commissioner of Finance, I was committed to working in a bipartisan manner to effectively
manage our finances for over a decade. As Saratoga County Treasurer, I will continue to
prioritize fiscal responsibility while also representing my constituents, using the position to advocate for smart county investments that will save your hard earned tax dollars.”

For more information or to volunteer or donate to the campaign, see the Elect Madigan website.