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Mayor Kim kicks off re-election campaign.

Ron Kim Speaks
Mayor Ron Kim announces his candidacy for re-election.

On April 19, Saratoga Springs Mayor Ron Kim launched his 2023 re-election campaign with a fundraising event at the Saratoga Casino Hotel. He told an enthusiastic crowd the three things he was most proud of in his first term were a/the accomplishment of implementing the third EMS station which is nearing completion on Hennings Rd; b/implementation of the downtown connector to I-87 which has been part of the Comprehensive Plan for years but with no action taken; and c/opening up city government to public participation. On the last point, he noted that the public comment periods in City Council meetings often drag on because so many people want to speak, but this is a good thing because it shows Saratogians are passionate about their city.

Electeds and Electable
Supporters at Mayor Kim launch event. From left: Supervisor candidate Gordon Boyd, Commissioner of Finance Anita Sanghvi, Mayor Kim, Commissioner of Accounts Dillon Moran.

Mayor Kim faces a primary challenge from Chris Mathiesen, former Public Safety Commissioner. The primary is June 27.