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Mayor-elect, council members announce open process for deputy selection.

Do you want to participate in Saratoga Springs city government? Each of the new members-elect of city council—Ron Kim, Jim Montagnino, Dillon Moran and Minita Sanghvi—has announced that they will follow an open process to review, consider and hire their respective Deputies. Interested candidates should submit a resume and letter of interest for the respective office no later than December 3. Addresses for submission and more info in the press release.

Ron Kim said: “each member of the City Council appoints a full-time Deputy, who is a critical part of the City’s governing structure and we want this process to be open and transparent.”  Kim continued: “I am hopeful that individuals interested in serving as the Deputy Mayor will forward their resumes to me at or via mail to: Ron Kim for Mayor, PO Box 318, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866.

Finance Commissioner Elect, Minita Sanghvi also invites qualified individuals to apply to be her Deputy Finance Commissioner. She stated: “I am looking forward to meeting with interested, qualified individuals who can assist me with the day to day operations of our city finance department, and help with new initiatives.”  To apply to be the next Deputy Commissioner of Finance, Sanghvi asked that candidates send a cover letter and resume to

Accounts Commissioner Elect Dillon Moran is excited to open up the process of appointing a Deputy in his office, saying: “I fervently believe in transparency and accountability in City government, and that ought to start right from the beginning.  The best way to identify the best candidate is to seek public input.”  To apply to be the next Deputy Commissioner of Accounts, Moran requests candidates send a cover letter and resume to

Public Safety Commissioner Elect Jim Montagnino echoed the sentiments of the other Saratoga Springs Council members by inviting individuals to apply to serve as the next Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety. Montagnino said: “there are a number of challenges in the departments that I oversee, from the implementation of the Police Reform Task Force recommendations to the building of a new Eastside Fire Station. I am seeking a capable individual who has a background in law enforcement, fire and rescue or other emergency services.”  To apply for the position of Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety send a letter and resume to:

Interested candidates for any of the Deputy positions should file a resume and letter of interest no later than December 3, 2021 with the Mayor-Elect or respective Commissioner Elect as follows:

Background on Deputy positions:

  • Please direct all questions and a letter of interest and resume to the respective City Council member no later than December 3, 2021;
  • Salary for the 2022 Deputies is $80,818.27.
  • Competitive benefits for Saratoga Springs City Hall employees apply to each Deputy position.