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Madigan failed to file state financial disclosures.

As required by the state, city candidate for Saratoga County supervisor Michele Madigan has not filed [as of press time] a list of contributions and expenditures in reports due in July, or for the required 32 days prior to the Nov. 7 election. However, Madigan admits that the filings have not been done because she said her treasurer’s computer crashed… Madigan is one of three candidates running for two seats on the county Board of Supervisors. Gordon Boyd, who has the official backing of the city’s Democratic Committee, said that as a longtime city incumbent, Madigan should know better.

“There are a number of questions that need to be answered by Michele Madigan,” Boyd said. “She has had two fundraisers and received other contributions. Where did that money go? What did it pay for? Who is on the payroll?” Madigan said she has only one paid campaign employee, former Commissioner of Public Safety Robin Dalton, who has been criticized for a string of text messages urging city police to arrest Black Lives Matter protesters in the summer of 2021. Thus far, Madigan said, she paid Dalton $1,500 to work on her social media presence. More in the Times-Union.