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Join us for the Starbuck Legacy Luncheon on June 23.

Join us in the celebration of regional leaders for their commitment to equal rights and our support of the New York Equal Rights Amendment (NY ERA).

Event details: Sunday, June 23 from noon-2:00 pm at the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Spa State Park. Sign up at this ActBlue link to attend.

Kathryn Starbuck was a pioneering suffragette who lived in Saratoga Springs. The Starbuck Luncheon rises above politics to acknowledge our shared belief in equal rights for all. This year’s Kathryn Starbuck Lifetime Achievement honoree will be Barbara Thomas, who has led the Saratoga County League of Women Voters for two decades, as well as advocating for reproductive rights and the rights of people to choose their end-of-life options without interference from the government. In addition to honoring Barb, we will recognizing other regional leaders working hard to protect reproductive rights, access and equality.

To help honor these heroines, we are delighted to have as principal speaker Sasha Neha Ahuja, campaign director for New Yorkers for Equal Rights, the statewide committee formed to organize support for New York’s ERA. Sasha will emphasize the critical steps for passing the amendment in November and what it means for New Yorkers.

Kathryn Starbuck’s life and legacy have inspired us for decades. We know she would be joining us in exhorting all supporters of equal rights to join us on June 23 and honor our lifetime and our aspiring leaders. Tickets for the Starbuck Legacy Luncheon start at $100, $75 for committee members. Sign up here.