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Jason Golub: Public Works Commissioner

Jason Golub is a father of two, attorney, and solutions-oriented leader with a record of results in strengthening transparency and accountability in business. He developed comprehensive and community-centered strategies to bring people together and improve work environments, and he’s now working with an educational technology startup that supports women executives.

A leader in the Saratoga Springs community, Jason co-chaired the Police Reform and Re-Imagination Task Force and he helped lead a team of community members to make recommendations to strengthen public safety and equality.

In May, Jason was recommended by an independent committee and unanimously appointed to serve as acting Commissioner of Public Works. He has maintained staff continuity in the office while improving efficiency and outreach with a focus on service first.

Jason is running in the November special election to complete the term and continue his service-first approach to implement bold, innovative solutions that improve quality of life for every resident in Saratoga Springs.

“I am running for DPW Commissioner because I fiercely believe that we can solve our deepest challenges through building a better and stronger community. I want to bring bold, innovative solutions to the table and move us past divisive politics. That means thinking big about how to build a more resilient, healthy, and prosperous Saratoga Springs. I will make real investments in clean energy, building more parks and playgrounds for our kids, and solving the homeless problem. I will invest in impactful infrastructure projects that address the 21st century needs of our city and serve our community by developing better tools to communicate with residents. This is the future of DPW: Service, Vision and Impact.”

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