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Jason Golub: Public Works Commissioner

Jason Golub is currently serving as Commissioner of Public Works for the City of Saratoga Springs. He was re-elected in 2023. Previous to his re-election, Jason was recommended by an independent committee and unanimously appointed to serve as acting Commissioner of Public Works.  He has maintained staff continuity in the office while improving efficiency and outreach with a focus on service first.

Prior to his initial appointment to DPW, Jason had established himself as a recongnized leader in the Saratoga Springs community, Jason co-chaired the Police Reform and Re-Imagination Task Force and he helped lead a team of community members to make recommendations to strengthen public safety and equality..

Jason has developed comprehensive and community-centered strategies to bring people together and improve work environments, and he’s now working with an educational technology startup that supports women executives.

As DPW Commissioner, Jason has implemented projects that have really served the community well while maintaining a commitment to clean energy, such as:

  • Increasing the number of recreation opportunities with new parks and playgrounds, rebuilding the city’s skatepark, and plans to make a mountain bike park with help from the local bike club Saratoga Shredders.
  • Connecting our city with new bike paths and sidewalks that increase liveability and safety
  • Implementing availability of ultra high speed internet throughout the city; increase usage of green technologies for DPW equipment and city streetlights, and start city-wide recycling
  • Forming strategies and community partnerships to help those experiencing homelessness, such as the DPW summer jobs program

Commissioner Jason Golub can be contacted at