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Finance Commissioner unveils 2022 preliminary financial report.

Saratoga Springs Commissioner Minita Sanghvi presented the 2022 Preliminary Financial Report at the May 4 City Council meeting. In a press release, Sanghvi noted the state of city finances is very good, with the city operating on a $5,367,000 surplus in its General Fund and an estimated excess fund balance of $2,728,180. Sanghvi added that in the past two years the city has seen record revenues not before seen in the history of the city. “Revenues have gone up, expenses have gone up too. Especially health insurance, benefits and overtime costs,” Sanghvi stated in the release regarding the excess fund balance. Sanghvi’s plans for the excess fund balance focus on “replenishing reserves that were depleted during COVID and investing in our infrastructure” as the main priorities. From the Saratogian.