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“Drunk with Guns” passed by City Council.

At the August 1 City Council meeting, an an amendment to its firearms ordinance was approved by a 3-2 vote. The two main highlights make it illegal to possess a firearm while intoxicated in a public space and outlines penalties for each firearm discharge. Council members Jason Golub and Dillon Moran addressed concerns about how the law could be enforced while Public Safety Commissioner Jim Montagnino, who proposed the amendment, countered that enforcement could be similar to other scenarios such a motorist who is pulled over for a traffic violation and then found to be intoxicated. He said the main purpose of the ordinance is to deter carrying a firearm while judgment is impaired. “To suggest that Saratoga Springs is a welcoming city, it’s a party city it’s a place to have fun, but if I’m going out drinking, I’m going to lock the gun away in a safe place before coming into town,” said Montagnino. Democratic Supervisor Candidate has made “drunk with guns” part of his campaign platform and plans to push for a similar ordinance on the county level if he is elected. More in this News10 article.