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Domenique Yermolayev for DPW

Dominique plans to modernize public works for Saratoga Springs. Her goals are efficiency and transparency for the department. She has extensive experience in project management for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and managerial sciences, which make her uniquely suited for this role. You can expect analytical resources management, modern communication strategies, and data-driven risk management solutions from Domenique.

“I am running to support the employees of the department, deliver the best municipal services to the city, and legislate based on the needs of the public works department, residents, and businesses.”

Domenique sees opportunities for the Department of Public Works (DPW) to seek state and federal funding for major projects and infrastructure upgrades. She will ensure that Saratoga Springs has the systems in place to receive, use, and distribute this funding.

DPW provides essential services to the City of Saratoga Springs, but residents are often frustrated by the lack of transparency and poor communication practices with the department. Many city residents, businesses, and community organizatioins feel their individual issues aren’t being addressed. Domenique intends to implement better communication systems so people will know that their concerns have been heard by DPW.

Dominique’s campaign priorities include:

  • Scheduled services. Reliable dates for activities like leaf pickup and hydrant flushing.
  • Better communication. A technical solution between Saratogians and DPW.
  • Sidewalk reform. Creating a more accessible city by updating local ordinances.

For inquiries, email Domenique:

To learn more about her campaign and subscribe to emails:

Instagram: @domeniquefordpw