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Dillon Moran: Commissioner of Accounts

Commissioner Dillon Moran is currently serving as Commissioner of Accounts for the City of Saratoga Springs. He was re-elected in 2023

Dillon has over 25 years experience managing money, people, and projects. He’s also a partner in several local Saratoga Springs businesses that have made significant contributions to our city’s economy.

Dillon’s platform focuses on addressing important concerns:

  • No property reassessments. With the pandemic still affecting homeowners’ overall economic stability, this is not the time for property reassessments. Previous reassessments under Republican administrations in 1999 and 2003 shifted tax burdens from commercial to residential property owners. We saw the heartbreak of multi-generational families being forced from their homes because they could no longer afford the property taxes. We cannot let that happen again.
  • Major problems with our city’s infrastructure. Our city is growing but our infrastructure can’t keep up with the growth. For example, our public water system is outdated; water quality is inconsistant, and water pressure is unstable. This is a public safety issue. Our citizens deserve better. We need to stop ignoring infrastructure problems and start making plans to fix them.
  • Business licensure. As a local business owner, Dillon understands the importance of making it easier for small businesses to do business in our city, especially during the pandemic. To that end, Dillon has helped develop our city’s outdoor dining program, and intends to continue implementing a pedestrian program into the next three years, to entice more shoppers and diners into the heart of our city.

Commissioner Dillon Moran can be contacted at