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Dems will invite non-endorsed candidates to speak.

Chris Mathiesen (candidate for Mayor) and Michelle Madigan (candidate for county supervisor) will be invited to present their credentials, along with endorsed candidates, at the March meeting of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee. “We are an organization of volunteers,” explained SSDC Chair Pat Tuz, “and the members on the Nominations Subcommittee put in many hours to screen candidates, interview them and make recommendations for endorsement. Since our endorsement meeting last month, we’ve heard from several of our members, the general public and even endorsed candidates that all candidates should have been allowed to address the full committee rather than only those recommended. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can allow these candidates to make their case and it will help our members be fully informed as they speak to their constituents about the upcoming elections.” A third non-endorsed candidate, Tim Coll (candidate for Public Safety Commissioner) was not invited because he has since accepted the endorsement of the Republican party.