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Dems make endorsements for November elections.

The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee has completed its endorsement process for the 2023 election. All five current members of the City Council were endorsed, as was Gordon Boyd, candidate for County Supervisor.

“These endorsements weren’t automatic,” said Pat Tuz, Chair of the committee. “Candidates had to go through a questionnaire and interview process, and then appear before the full committee to defend their record and describe their plans for the next term. What impressed me most, across the board, was their commitment to serving the public and being responsive to citizen requests.” Those nominated were Ron Kim for Mayor, Minita Sanghvi for Commissioner of Finance, Jim Montagnino for Commissioner of Public Safety, Jason Golub for Commissioner of Public Works and Dillon Moran for Commissioner of Accounts.

Gordon Boyd, who was endorsed for one of two County Supervisor positions, is running to replace Tara N. Gaston, who did not seek re-election. Boyd, a 50-year resident of Saratoga Springs, has a long record of public service and volunteerism. Boyd told the committee his campaign will be based on the three planks of democracy, fairness and safety. “Gordon Boyd is a selfless and tireless public servant,” said Tuz. “We’ll miss Tara, but he will do a fine job for the citizens of Saratoga Springs.”

The next step is a petitioning process which begins on February 28, where the candidates must gather signatures from registered voters in order to appear on the ballot.