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Dems declare unity in State Senate District 44.

From Michelle Ostrelich: “I am deeply honored and profoundly grateful to have received Thearse McCalmon’s endorsement… Thearse never stops fighting for what she believes in, and always finds ways to lift others up along the way. To receive her support is incredibly meaningful to me personally, and to our entire team.  Thearse and I were joined at the press conference by beloved former Saratoga Springs mayor Joanne Yepsen, who also offered her endorsement! Echoing the themes of unity and collaboration, she ended her speech by pointing out that Schenectady and Saratoga are now working together as one, just as the three of us did that day.”

As Michelle is now the sole Democratic candidate, there will no longer be a primary and we can start working right away to get her elected in our new district! If you’d like to volunteer, start by filling out this form.