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Democratic Chair asks Montagnino to repudiate “abhorrent” mailing.

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY—This week many Saratoga Springs voters received an abhorrent, racist mailing targeting Kristen Dart, candidate for Commissioner of Public Safety on the Community First line. The postcard was marked as “Paid for by Friends of Jim Montagnino”, the Democratic candidate for Public Safety.

I can speak for most of our Democratic committee members in saying we are appalled by this mailing and dismayed that our contribution made in good faith to the Montagnino campaign might have helped fund it. It is antithetical to the values we cherish as Democrats and as Saratogians wishing to live in harmony with one another. It is especially concerning to people of color and anyone who feels marginalized. Everyone deserves to feel safe in our community.

I have asked Mr. Montagnino to repudiate this mailing, apologize to Ms. Dart, and return the $1000 contribution we made to his campaign. I have also asked him to rescind his endorsement of Republican John Safford, whose campaign for Mayor is based on scare tactics desgned to undermine voters’ confidence in our hard working city government.

Otis Maxwell, Chair, Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee

Access the press release here.