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Council warns on unregistered passenger services in Saratoga Springs.

“People are handing over cash through a window and expect to get somewhere. That’s a very dangerous situation… please use rideshare or our licensed taxi cabs. You’re making the right choice to get home… let’s make sure you get home safe.” Accounts Commissioner Dillon Moran made those remarks in a presentation highlighting the safeguards in place for licensed taxi cabs and Uber and Lyft rideshare services vs unregistered vehicles which purport to be taxi cabs but do not have medallions and may even have out of state plates. In an accompanying press release, Moran stated, “taxi drivers are required to maintain a current and valid Class E or CDL New York State Driver’s License. Through the taxi licensing process, the City checks criminal histories, arrest records, driving records, warrant information, and enrolls taxi drivers in the NYS License Event Notification Service (LENS) program… While ride shares like Uber and Lyft are not licensed by the City of Saratoga Springs, they are still legal operators as long as they’re registered with the rideshare company.”  The complete text of the press release is here.