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Election season is here!

The action is heating up as we get ready to support our Row A candidates on November 2. Here are some ways you can help: First, put a sign (or several) in your lawn, especially if you're on a busy street. Show your support and let your neighbors know you care about electing candidates who are committed to supporting your values and our community. Second, host a house party...

Candidates and citizens say “no hate in upstate”.

About 50 people, including current and past political candidates, rallied in Congress Park on Wednesday to speak out for tolerance and against racism and fascist insurrection. The rally was in response to the Stefanik/Saratoga GOP event (see post below) featuring anti-Muslim activist and Jan. 6 insurrectionist Scott Presler, which was called off at the last minute after widespread public outcry.…

Saratoga GOP announces, then cancels, Stefanik-related hate event.

Last week Rep. Elise Stefanik announced the “MASSIVE NEWS” that a rally would take place on August 25 featuring Scott Presler, an anti-Muslim activist who called the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capital the “largest civil rights protest in American history”. The Saratoga GOP was highlighted as a sponsor of food and drink. After widespread public outrage, including protests from all 12 county Democratic chairs in Stefanik’s district and a counter event in Congress Park, the rally was called off. County GOP chair Carl Zeilman told the Times-Union the cancellation was COVID-related, yet Presler was able to appear at an indoor event in Manhattan the following night.…

Join us: No to Hate in Congress Park

Please join us for a peaceful gathering Wed. Aug. 25, starting 5pm, in Congress Park, 268 Broadway, Saratoga Springs NY. We are standing up to say No to Hate and No to Fascist Insurrection, and to call on local elected officials & candidates to #BoycottHate, and join us in standing united against bigotry, lies & fascism. See you at Congress Park on Wednesday!