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Category: Blog Post

Golub is officially our DPW candidate.

Following New York State election law, which prohibits nominating a candidate till after the primary, on June 30 Jason Golub was formally chosen as Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Public Works for the November election, completing the term of the late Anthony (“Skip””) Scirocco. “Jason is a leader, plain and simple” said Democratic party chair Pat Tuz. “In less than three months he has proven not only capable of running DPW, but transforming its vision and path forward.”

Support women. Support democracy.

The outrageous ruling of the Supreme Court in overturning Roe v. Wade is the direct result of Republican strategy to install extremist, intolerant officials at every level from local to national government. We who believe in democracy, and refuse to accept that a woman is a second-class citizen with no control over her own body, cannot let this stand. What can we do?