The SSDC is proud to support the following Democratic candidates

The SSDC is proud to support the following Democratic candidates for State and National office, to represent the people of Saratoga Springs:

Paul D. Tonko – for the U.S. House of Representatives, 20th District
Carrie Woerner – for NYS Assembly, 113th District
Aaron Gladd – for NYS Senate, 43rd District (including most of Saratoga Springs)
Michelle Ostrelich – for NYS Senate, 49th District (including 4 election districts—7, 19, 20 & 21— at the Northwest corner of Saratoga Springs).

In the crucial November 6, 2018 election, we see an opportunity to return our City’s Congressman Paul Tonko to Washington and send Assembly member Carrie Woerner to Albany for her third term. Further, we can deliver control of the NYS Senate to the Democratic Party by electing two highly-qualified progressive candidates who embrace the principles we stand for.

Paul D. Tonko. Our Congressman is highly visible and accessible within the District, participating in many community events. The highest-ranking Democrat on the Energy and the Environment Subcommittee, he can influence policy in these vital subject areas. Recent stands he’s taken include: strengthening cyber-security and protecting the power grid;  defense of Medicare and Social Security; expanding access to treatment for opioid dependence; funding Planned Parenthood; support for net neutrality; preserving the Affordable Care Act’s pre-existing condition protection; and respect for objective, science-based policy decisions. We are lucky to be represented by one of the hardest-working and most respected members of Congress. VOLUNTEER/DONATE HERE: HTTP://PAULTONKO.COM/MEET-PAUL/

Carrie Woerner. As part of the Democratic Majority in the Assembly, Carrie is well- placed to secure favorable legislation and grant money and move up in rank and influence as she gains seniority. Carrie constantly makes herself available at gatherings throughout the District. She’s enacted 22 bills and secured almost 100 grants worth over $7.5 million for local law enforcement, drug treatment, libraries, veterans’ services, infrastructure, local governments, emergency medical services, and agricultural education. Her focus is on growing an economy here that’s based on innovation and entrepreneurship, including sustainable farms; good high-tech jobs and careers; start-up ventures; and educating young people with skills they need to succeed. VOLUNTEER/DONATE HERE: HTTPS://CARRIEWOERNER.COM/

Aaron Gladd. A great opportunity presents itself to elect this highly-qualified progressive candidate. Aaron proved his mettle as a U.S. Army platoon leader in Eastern Afghanistan, neutralizing IEDs and training over 400 fellow soldiers. Aaron’s leadership experience combines with expertise in NYS government, where he served as Deputy Director of Policy (2015-2018) in the Governor’s office. He holds a Masters of Public Administration from Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, winning the coveted role of NYS Senate Fellow. His policy goals are shaped by growing up in poverty: “Our working and middle class families are struggling to get ahead, New Yorkers need a fighter who has the passion to serve and the character to get it done.” VOLUNTEER/DONATE HERE: HTTPS://WWW.AARONGLADD.COM/

Michelle Ostrelich. Widespread community support already boosts Michelle, an attorney living in Niskayuna, She has held community leadership roles as board president of a local community center, Parent-Teacher Organization co-president and trustee for a local hospital foundation, and she serves on the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals. Michelle was strongly affected by attending Women’s Marches in 2017-18 to become an agent for change by running for public office. Her policy goals are to grow our middle class, guarantee health care for all and create a future where all children are secure and can succeed: “We need to embrace families and deliver opportunity regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation.” VOLUNTEER/DONATE HERE: HTTPS://MICHELLEFORSTATESENATE.COM/