Candidate Profile: Patty Morrison for Commissioner of Finance

We’re providing quick perspectives on our endorsed candidates in the week leading up to the election on November 5. Remember to vote Row A for Patty Morrison and our other endorsed candidates when you go to the polls!

Patty’s campaign is based on 5 key areas: Ethics, Accountability, Respect, Charter Reform, and Quality of Life.

She is very concerned about campaign contributions from entities doing business with the city.

The failure of the city to address large-scale development and long-term infrastructural needs of the city is alarming. We need better planning to forestall forced expenditures in the future by better planning today.

Based on her experience as a member of the Saratoga Springs Board of Elections, she would like to see the city work as a partner with our schools as opposed to dictating policy and questioning the Board’s decisions.

Patty believes that the City’s charter is outdated and lacks many elements of good government and professional city functions. She supports the 2017 Charter Review Commission proposal that unfortunately lost by a mere 10 votes with 70% of the Democratic voters supporting it.

Patty strives for achieving a more balanced quality of life for our city by involving our citizens more in making more progress on issues such as protecting our green space, promoting smart growth and affordable housing.

You can find more detail at Patty’s website