Candidate Profile: Meg Kelly for Mayor

Meg KellyWe’re providing quick perspectives on our endorsed candidates in the week leading up to the election on November 5. Remember to vote Row A for Meg Kelly and our other endorsed candidates when you go to the polls.

Meg Kelly is a lifelong resident of Saratoga Springs with a long-standing record of community involvement, Mayor Kelly was eager to step up to public service and is even more eager to continue. Here’s what she hopes to accomplish in her second term, according to her statement in the Vote411 Voter Information Guide.

  • Complete Geyser Road Trail. Struggling since 2008, groundbreaking is now scheduled for fall 2019.
  • Complete City Center Parking project. Deadlocked over 30 years, we held groundbreaking this fall.
  • Ensure “Code Blue” success, after succeeding to find funding/temp space, while maintaining positive relationships with neighbors, concerned citizens, and advocacy groups.
  • Finalize options for land and complete the East Side Fire Station.
  • Continue to encourage sustainable initiatives. Sustainability is a perspective and can be part of every project.
  • Finish the UDO-zoning (reqrd since 2015) and use the next two years to ensure its fit.
  • Continue improving the Building/Planning Depts, after our significant reduction in wait times.
  • Pursue grants aggressively. We attained and manage millions for infrastructure, trails, housing, clean transp., open space, natural resources.
  • Ensure the move back to City Hall is as seamless as our emergency relocation.
  • Maintain Council civility we have instilled.

More information on Meg Kelly is available on her website: