Candidate Profile: Dillon Moran for Commissioner of Public Works

We’re providing quick perspectives on our endorsed candidates in the week leading up to the election on November 5. Remember to vote Row A for Dillon Moran and our other endorsed candidates when you go to the polls!

Dillon MoranWe are proud to have a candidate with an engineering degree and industrial experience running for Commissioner of Public Works. It will be refreshing to have a person with the right qualifications leading this important segment of our local government.

High on Dillon’s list of priorities for this position are: safe and adequate drinking water, roads and sidewalks, long-term infrastructure and maintenance planning, professional decision-making and operations, and assuring that new developments are properly funded by the developers (no corporate welfare).

The city’s water supply and delivery infrastructure are under threat. Significant amounts of treated water are lost through leaks, increasing costs and threatening supplies. This is just not acceptable. We need a long-term plan and execution strategy that transcends the two-year election cycles, or we will be at the mercy of the next water main failure at the worst possible time.

We can expect that our wonderful city should have sidewalks and roads that are safe and well-maintained. It is good to see the road crews do some repairs just before the election season, but this ought to be a more on-going effort.

Planning for the long term should be an ongoing concern, not just a fix-it-when-it-breaks mentality.

Finally, multimillionmdollar developments need to pay their own way so that the added costs to the city for the needed services are covered by the development, not the tax payers.

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