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Candidate Moran accuses opponent of forgery.

 In a press conference on September 14, Row A candidate for Accounts Commissioner Dillon Moran presented examples of election petitions submitted by his opponent, Samantha Guerra, in which signatures do not match what is on Board of Election records. “These are blocked lettered, handwritten, not signatures,” Moran said according to the Times-Union. “They appear to be written by the same exact person. We secured the problematic signatures (on file) from the Board of Elections. … We can see clearly these are not the same signatures.”

The T-U followed up with individuals on the named petitions who confirmed the signatures were not theirs. Three local voters sent a certified letter in June to Saratoga County District Attorney Karen Heggen, a Republican, asking for an investigation but she did not respond. Moran says he will now reach out to State Police.

Photo credit: Wendy Liberatore for the Times-Union