A pre-election message from the SSDC Chair

Now more than ever as Democrats gear up to win back Washington and retain the NYS Senate majority in 2020, Democrats need to get out the vote (GOTV) for our endorsed candidates on November 5.

The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee (SSDC) has endorsed Mayor Meg Kelly, Patty Morrison for Commissioner of Finance, Dillon Moran for Commissioner of Public Works, Commissioner of Accounts John Franck and County Supervisor Tara Gaston. The SSDC did not endorse any candidate for Commissioner of Public Safety.

Although some may try to push the narrative that the SSDC is fractured and divided, do not be fooled. I am proud to report that every election district in the City of Saratoga Springs is represented by a member of the SSDC. At full strength we are successfully fundraising and campaigning for our endorsed candidates.

In addition, the new SSDC has decided to be a bigger part of the community consistent with our party’s mission. To that end, we passed a resolution supported by all endorsed candidates declaring that survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault and domestic violence be heard and respected, condemning these reprehensible crimes and demanding that perpetrators be held responsible. We are also putting our money where our mouth is by supporting local charitable organizations consistent with our resolution.

Moving forward we will proclaim positions consistent with the Democratic platform and will be holding our democratic elected officials accountable for their endorsement by our party. There will be no double standards.

In addition to exercising your right to vote on November 5 please reach out if you are interested in volunteering. There are many opportunities to get involved including, canvassing and making calls. For more information please visit saratogadems.org.

Sarah J. Burger, Esq.
Chair of the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee