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A message from Supervisor Candidate Gordon Boyd.

“My heartfelt thanks to all those who supported me in my campaign for Board of Supervisor representing Saratoga Springs. Whether you walked with me, made phone calls, contributed to the campaign or cast a vote in my favor, you are deeply appreciated.

“I have sent a message of congratulations to Supervisor Veitch, Supervisor-Elect Madigan, Mayor-Elect Safford and Public Safety Commissioner-Elect Tim Coll. Thanks also to outgoing Supervisor Tara Gaston for her service. I am glad we will have strong representation in our county government and, with a new county chair I hope our city’s participation on the committees that make policy will improve.

“Saratoga Springs is a gem among cities, well worth our efforts to make her the best she can be. As a private citizen, I will continue to advocate for concern for our unhoused population, affordable housing so those who work in Saratoga can also live here, and fair and just treatment for all our citizens. The journey continues. Thank you.”