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A message from Mayor Ron Kim.

“Many thanks to all of you for your time, talent and treasure over the past two years plus. It has always been humbling and gratifying to have you behind me—it not only inspired me to move progressive ideals forward like the Homelessness Task Force, Restorative Justice Panel and the Civilian Review Board, but it also lifted me when there was tough sledding.

“The results on Tuesday night were not what I had hoped for in Saratoga Springs and we certainly have some challenges ahead of us, but we have many, many, very talented people willing to work hard for Democratic values and democracy and we must build on that energy, and I am committed to doing that with all of you in the coming years. We have wonderful elected leaders like Assemblyperson Carrie Woerner, Congressman Paul Tonko and our returning City Council members, Commissioners Dillon Moran, Jason Golub and Minita Sanghvi. Each needs and deserves our unwavering and united support.

“Thank you again, it was the honor of my lifetime to be your Mayor and I look forward to working with all of you to make sure that we bestow that honor on another progressive Democratic in 2025.”