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Michele Madigan Reader’s View: Goings-on in Finance Department

Saratogian, Opinion
Posted, 10/4/15

Since taking office in 2012, I have presented three well crafted budgets that have ensured the delivery of essential city services without raising property taxes. I plan to do so again on October 6 when I present the 2016 Budget to the City Council. Under my leadership we have attained and maintained a AA+ municipal bond rating. We have strengthened our reserves so that the city can respond to sudden expense increases or revenue decreases, such as the loss of VLT funding, without having to raise taxes or layoff city employees. In 2014 I took advantage of record low interest rates to refinance the city’s debt, thereby saving the taxpayers $2.3 million. Thanks to the good work of my Finance Department, the city’s fiscal condition is excellent

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