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Op-Ed: The Lies Trump Told 


He lied about “stop and frisk.” He lied about “birtherism.” He lied about calling women “pigs.” 


Op-Ed: Why Obama Is Right on Clean Energy 


Two former E.P.A. administrators under Republican presidents support the president’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. 


EDITORIAL: Republicans choosing party over country


Feb 26, 2016

Like most of you, we consider ourselves to be good, hard-working Americans who want what is best for our country.

We prefer for our newspaper work to remain focused on the workings of our own community, debating and challenging our local leaders on what is best for our local citizens.

That is our core mission.

But from time to time, we become so incensed by the dysfunction of our federal government that we are compelled to speak out.

This is one of those times.

On Tuesday, the 11 Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee signed a letter saying they would not hold hearings on any Supreme Court nominee until after the next president is elected.

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Carrie Woerner Reader’s View: Full funding of our schools should be a top priority

The Saratogian
Posted: 02/21/16, 1:00 AM EST

When I was first elected to the New York State Assembly, I made it a priority to visit every single school in my district. To me, this was so critically important because in Washington and Saratoga counties, schools are the heart of our communities. Not only do our schools deliver quality education, but more residents regularly gather at schools – for sports events, meetings, performances and academic fairs – than any other location in the communities I serve.

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The Republicans’ Incompetence Caucus

New York Times
Op-Ed Columnist
David Brooks
Oct 13, 2015

The House Republican caucus is close to ungovernable these days. How did this situation come about?

This was not just the work of the Freedom Caucus or Ted Cruz or one month’s activity. The Republican Party’s capacity for effective self-governance degraded slowly, over the course of a long chain of rhetorical excesses, mental corruptions and philosophical betrayals. Basically, the party abandoned traditional conservatism for right-wing radicalism. Republicans came to see themselves as insurgents and revolutionaries, and every revolution tends toward anarchy and ends up devouring its own.

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