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Congressman Paul Tonko--City Chair Charles Brown

Saratoga Spring Democratic Committee 2015 Endosrements


The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee has endorsed six candidates for City office. ncluding our five incumbents holding the posts they’ll seek: County Supervisor Peter Martin, Mayor Joanne Yepsen, Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan, Commissioner of Public Safety Chris Mathiesen, and Commissioner of Accounts John Franck. SSDC also endorses William McTygue for Commissioner of Public Works. SSDC looks forward to working hard for our candidates’ success in the Fall of 2015.


The SSDC held its endorsement meeting on Saturday, May 16 to interview announced candidates. The SSDC Nominations Subcommittee had carried out a months-long process before presenting its recommendation for each office to the full Committee at the endorsement meeting. Their process included in-depth interviews with each office-seeker. Questions geared to the specific job were developed by the Subcommittee, including queries submitted by other Committee members.


On May 16, each candidate appeared, presented prepared remarks and answered Committee members’ questions, followed by a thorough discussion by the Committee of each person’s qualifications and a vote to endorse. The process required nearly five hours to complete, yielding a slate of highly qualified Democratic candidates.


The SSDC would like to thank the Nominations Subcommittee and members of the full Committee for the serious work they did in exercising our responsibility for due diligence in candidate selection. Moving forward, our Campaign Subcommittee has developed detailed plans to support each SSDC member as we work hard for our candidates’ success—including carrying nominating petitions, talking to voters in our districts, working with individual campaigns and providing material support to our candidates’ races.


The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee (“SSDC”)

publishes this website to provide you with information about candidates, issues and events affecting our city--plus current voting procedures. The tabs above provide additional information about:

  • Campaigns: Candidates and issues in upcoming elections
  • Media & Letters: Useful articles and opinions
  • Voter resources: Election Day, where to vote, how to contact your elected officials, helpful links for voters
  • Calendar: Upcoming meetings and events
  • About: Our mission and Party Platform.

What we stand for — Your SSDC exists to promote the principles of the Democratic Party, in the open and inclusive governance of Saratoga Springs. We work to maintain and continually improve well-being and quality of life for ALL City residents. 

Who we areIf you are an enrolled Democratic voter in Saratoga Springs, you are represented on the SSDC. Each of the City’s 25 Election Districts is represented by two SSDC members. We volunteer our time to work on your behalf. We want to know you and hear your views. Contact Us

If you would like to view your Electoral District, please visit the Voter Resources page.




Saturday, February 7, 2015 – 1:00PM
Saratoga Springs City Center

Good afternoon my fellow Saratogians and welcome.  As your mayor, it is my distinct honor and privilege to give the 2015 State of the City Address.  This year, I feel especially privileged to do so as we begin the city’s Centennial year.

I would like to dedicate this year’s address, and today’s event to our good friend, community leader, a very special Saratogian, and first lady of Skidmore, Anne Palamountain. I ask that we take a moment of silence to remember and honor Anne. 

Thank you.

I want to recognize several current and former elected officials who are with us this afternoon.

Congressman Paul Tonko

State Senator Kathy Marchione

Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner

I want to thank Mark Baker and the Saratoga Spring City Center for hosting us today.

Over the past nine years, I’ve made it a priority to create and sustain strong partnerships, with all levels of government.  The success from working with all of you on both sides of the aisle will be highlighted this afternoon.  Bipartisan approach is the only way to get results.

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 Springs Democratic Committee     Position Paper

Our City’s Comprehensive Plan – It’s Everyone’s Future


Support and suggestions for the review process

An updated Comprehensive Plan is essential for the City to continue guiding future growth and development in ways that contribute to our residents’ long-term well-being and quality-of-life (See Appendix II, Note 1). The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee is on record supporting appointment of a balanced, citizen-led committee to take charge of this year’s review process:

“Saratoga Springs’ current Comprehensive Plan is dated July 17, 2001. . . .The past dozen years have brought breathtaking changes to our Cityscape as well as technology, the economy, the surrounding area and a host of other factors relevant to the City’s future. Other changes, like the advent of full-fledged casinos, loom in the near future.” (SSDC statement, March 2013)

This statement summarizes the input of the SSDC about the review process and the vision we advocate for its ultimate outcome.

We want to publicly thank the people involved:
·∙ the volunteer-citizens who agreed to share their expertise and take charge of the Committee’s ultimate work product;;
·∙ the City Council, who showed faith in these individuals by choosing them and providing resources to get the job done;;
·∙ the City employees whose practical knowledge of Saratoga Springs will keep the process grounded;; and
·∙ the professional consultants selected to support this work with their experience, knowledge-base and wider perspective.

We especially commend the Committee’s efforts to promote widespread public involvement—the public meetings, Open House event and web site that lets busy citizens contribute ideas and state their concerns.