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Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee celebrates our 2014 


This year, we work toward victory for four outstanding Legislative candidates: Paul Tonko for Congress, Madelyn Thorne and Brian Howard for State Senate and Carrie Woerner for Assembly. Reelecting Paul Tonko to the House of Representatives is essential for keeping progressive representation in Congress. Wins for our State Senate candidates will help secure a governing majority for the Democratic party, while Carrie will join a strong Assembly majority. Combined, their election will mean an unprecedented voice for Saratoga Springs in determining New York State policy.    (Please see the 'Campaigns' page for more details about our candidates).


Congressman Paul Tonko for NY's 20th Congressional District

After redistricting in 2012, Paul Tonko became the Congressman for Saratoga Springs.  Since becoming our representative, he has spent countless hours in our city and county, meeting and listening to the ideas, issues and needs of our community. He then spent countless hours in our country's Capital presenting those ideas and fighting to see that our issues are addressed and our needs met. Paul, who holds an engineering degree, serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee with jurisdiction over national energy policy, public and mental health policy and regulation of inter-state and foreign commerce--the broadest jurisdiction of any House authorizing committee. It is no exaggeration to say that Congressman Tonko is one of the hardest working and most progressive members of Congress and that the city of Saratoga Springs is extremely fortunate to have Paul Tonko as our Representative.

Madelyn Thorne for NY Senate, 49th District.

A former marathon runner with a Black Belt in karate, Madelyn also served as Director of Pastoral Care at Glenville Nursing Home, helping seniors and families in crisis. Madelyn brings that same determination and compassion to her second bid for the 49th Senate District, including parts of Saratoga Springs. Says Madelyn: “We need fresh ideas and new voices in our New York State Senate. We deserve our fair share. I will work for strength and prosperity for everyone.” Among her priorities: Ensure school funding is equitable and fair; accelerate the state minimum wage and tie it to the cost of living; and pass the Women’s Equality Act. Congressman Paul Tonko (D-20th) endorses Madelyn, saying: "Madelyn Thorne will bring a new voice and energy to representing the 49th Senate District. As Madelyn showed us in her 2012 campaign, New Yorkers are looking for a candidate with compassion for others and a vision for our region.”

Brian Howard for NY Senate, 43rd District.

A 42-year career as an educator with a doctorate in education empowers Brian to tackle New York’s education policy. He plans to fix inequities in school funding and shift resources to classrooms. As a former social studies teacher, principal and Superintendent of Schools in Queensbury and Troy, Brian describes “the way Common Core has been handled” as a “complete mess.” Brian also plans to fight the corrupting influence of money and counteract extremism in politics. He believes “people with different opinions can sit down, talk and work together and accomplish something,” and deplores the fact that “some individuals in politics are poisoning it” today. Most of Saratoga Springs lies in the 43rd Senate District and City voter turnout will be key in ensuring Brian’s success.

 Carrie Woerner for Assembly, 113th District.

Now in her second race for New York’s 113th Assembly District (including all of Saratoga Springs), Carrie nearly unseated the Republican incumbent in 2012 with 47.2% of the vote. In her own words, Carrie “never stopped running,” expecting a special election to fill the now-vacant seat. (The Republican served only a year, leaving the 113th district with no representation so far in 2014.) This fall, Carrie seeks the balance of the unexpired term, plus a full two years (2015-2016). Keystones of her platform include: Economic innovation to create jobs; fighting for our fair share of school dollars; and putting a stop to corruption in Albany. A successful businesswoman with an MBA, Carrie combines 30 years’ experience in the high-tech industry with local civic leadership and Open Space advocacy. In public office, she is serving her fourth term on the Village of Round Lake Board of Trustees. Carrie’s endorsements include Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the nonpartisan Women’s Campaign Fund. Says Gillibrand: "Carrie will be the strong advocate we need for New York families."



The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee (“SSDC”)

publishes this website to provide you with information about candidates, issues and events affecting our city--plus current voting procedures. The tabs above provide additional information about:

  • Campaigns: Candidates and issues in upcoming elections
  • Media & Letters: Useful articles and opinions
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  • Calendar: Upcoming meetings and events
  • About: Our mission and Party Platform.

What we stand for — Your SSDC exists to promote the principles of the Democratic Party, in the open and inclusive governance of Saratoga Springs. We work to maintain and continually improve well-being and quality of life for ALL City residents. 

Who we areIf you are an enrolled Democratic voter in Saratoga Springs, you are represented on the SSDC. Each of the City’s 25 Election Districts is represented by two SSDC members. We volunteer our time to work on your behalf. We want to know you and hear your views. Contact Us

If you would like to view your Electoral District, please visit the Voter Resources page.






Good evening my fellow Saratogians and welcome to the Saratoga Springs City Center.  Tonight, as your mayor, it is my distinct honor and privilege to give the 2014 State of the City Address.  

First, I want to recognize several current and former elected officials who are with us this evening.


And most importantly, I want to thank my family – my three children:  Emma, Laura and Cole and thank you  to all of the local businesses that are participating tonight and thank you  to all of my fellow citizens who are here with us this evening


We don’t need to have a speech, or a formal meeting, for all of us to agree that Saratoga Springs is a very special and very unique place.  With our long and storied history, wealth of natural resources, vibrant culture, and prosperous economy, we are indeed the envy of small cities not only in New York and the Northeast, but across the nation as well.  It seems that every time we turn around Saratoga Springs is being named as a “top small city”.  Just two weeks ago The Huffington Post named Saratoga Springs as one of  “America’s best main streets.” These accolades haven’t come by chance; they have come as the result of years of hard work, and we look forward to building on what we’ve accomplished together.

As you all know, this evening’s address is the State of the City, not just the State of the Mayor's Office.  We are a commission form of city government and so I was happy that my fellow commissioners contributed to this address and I’m grateful they could be here this evening. 

Commissioner of Public Works, Skip Sirocco,

Commissioner of Public Safety, Chris Mathieson,

Commissioner of Accounts, John Frank,

Commissioner of Finance, Michele Madigan

 Please stand and be recognized.

I’d also like thank our two county supervisors:  Matthew Veitch and Peter Martin, please stand and be recognized.

The State of our City is a busy one.

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 Springs Democratic Committee     Position Paper

Our City’s Comprehensive Plan – It’s Everyone’s Future


Support and suggestions for the review process

An updated Comprehensive Plan is essential for the City to continue guiding future growth and development in ways that contribute to our residents’ long-term well-being and quality-of-life (See Appendix II, Note 1). The Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee is on record supporting appointment of a balanced, citizen-led committee to take charge of this year’s review process:

“Saratoga Springs’ current Comprehensive Plan is dated July 17, 2001. . . .The past dozen years have brought breathtaking changes to our Cityscape as well as technology, the economy, the surrounding area and a host of other factors relevant to the City’s future. Other changes, like the advent of full-fledged casinos, loom in the near future.” (SSDC statement, March 2013)

This statement summarizes the input of the SSDC about the review process and the vision we advocate for its ultimate outcome.

We want to publicly thank the people involved:
·∙ the volunteer-citizens who agreed to share their expertise and take charge of the Committee’s ultimate work product;;
·∙ the City Council, who showed faith in these individuals by choosing them and providing resources to get the job done;;
·∙ the City employees whose practical knowledge of Saratoga Springs will keep the process grounded;; and
·∙ the professional consultants selected to support this work with their experience, knowledge-base and wider perspective.

We especially commend the Committee’s efforts to promote widespread public involvement—the public meetings, Open House event and web site that lets busy citizens contribute ideas and state their concerns.